A pioneer in Roll-forming

Stramit Building Products has a long history of innovation and continuous improvement.

A team of engineers and technicians based at our dedicated R&D and testing facility are dedicated to developing new products and services, as well as improving and enhancing existing products. They also conduct stringent testing to ensure that all products comply with the relevant standards and are suitable for the harsh weather extremes of Australia.

Many Stramit® products are industry firsts and several have become industry standards, such as the revolutionary Stramit Speed Deck Ultra® concealed fixed decking system, which won an Australian Design Award, the first time a roofing product had received such an award.

Other recent innovations include:

  • Stramit Exacta® Purlins
  • Stramit PrimeForm® Left-in-Place Formwork System
  • Stramit FarLap® Roof Lap Joint System for Stramit Speed Deck Ultra® Roof Decking
  • Stramit CapacityPLUS Deep Roof Cladding
  • Stramit® CondeckHP® Slab Designer Software
  • Stramit EX-facta® Design Software for Exacta® Purlins with Stramit® Bridging