Stramit FarLap® Roof Lap Joint System

Snap-in-place lap joint and seal for Stramit Speed Deck Ultra® roof decking.

This revolutionary system changes the way long run roof decking is designed and installed.  It allows multiple sheets to be used on long length concealed fixed roofing projects without the need for conventional step joints, and without compromising the integrity of the roofing structure.

Designed specifically for Stramit Speed Deck Ultra® concealed fixed decking, the Stramit FarLap® system provides a combination of a strong joint and a weather resisting seal between lapped sheets.

Shorter sheet lengths mean safer work practices, lower transport costs, smaller cranes, smaller crews and less thermal expansion and contraction.

  • Fully tested for strength and weather resistance
  • Economical solution for long roof runs
  • Snap-in-place for fast and reliable installation
  • Ideal for restricted access sites
  • Shorter length sheets contribute to time and labour savings