Stramit Community

What is it?

Great people - great place is Stramit's employer brand. It recognises that one of the biggest reasons people stay at Stramit is the people they work with and coupled with our strength in leadership, recognition, career development and learning and development makes Stramit a great place to work. 

Why do we need it?

Making Stramit a great place to work is one of the ways we will achieve our vision - to be the leading building products and steel solutions business across Australia. To achieve this, we need to ensure we not only retain great people, but also attract great people.   

Why work for Stramit?

Stramit aims to promise and deliver on the following 5 people focus areas:

  • Leadership providing strong & supportive leadership

Successful leaders in Stramit provide strong and supportive leadership.  We recognise that leadership development programs are a key part of improving our leaders’ capabilities and that is why we provide development for all levels of managers.

  • Team Members developing supportive teams

Working in teams with great people is very important in Stramit.  The team desire to achieve creates a supportive team environment in a fun, and comfortable atmosphere.

  • Recognition providing individual & team based recognition

Our employee surveys highlight a strong informal recognition culture for both teams and individuals.  Coupled to this informal recgnition are the other recognition events such as on site BBQ’s and site social activities.

  • Career Development providing career paths within Stramit & Fletcher Building

Many of our people have successfully grown their careers within Stramit.  Our formal succession planning process aligns and communicates to our people the career opportunities that occur within Stramit and Fletcher Building.

  • Learning & Development providing on-the-job learning & formal programmes

We seek to improve the capability of our people with learning opportunities through on the job experiences and development through more formal programmes.