Stramit Softwares

  • Stramit® EX-facta™ Software Version 1.5 - Exclusive for Stramit® products only and suitable for most Windows® operating systems.

Design Software for Exacta® Purlins with Stramit® Bridging.

Easily design for irregular configurations and complex loadings.

Displays nominal section efficiencies within each span.

See critical and over-designed sections at a glance.


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  • Stramit® Condeck HP®  Slab Designer Software Version 3.0  - Now includes Slab Design with Point Loads

Design optimum suspended slabs in minutes using Stramit® Condeck HP® Composite Decking.  


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  • Stramit Patio Spanner  - Quick selection of patio roofing spans

Version 1.1 suitable for most Windows® operating systems.

This software has been prepared specifically and exclusively for the design of patio roofing using these Stramit® roofing profiles: Sunset®, Monoclad®, Longspan®, Speed Deck Ultra® and Corrugated.


Please contact your nearest Stramit Branch for a CD of the Stramit® EX-facta™ Software and/or Stramit® Condeck HP® Slab Designer Software and/or Stramit Patio Spanner™.


Software Registration Form

Prepared for use with Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 Operating System.

Stramit Building Products collects your personal information solely for the purpose of information you of future updates to Stramit software or other new Stramit products which may be of interested to you. To ensure that you always have our latest version of Stramit software, if you chose not to provide your personal information as requested, Stramit Building Products reserves the right not to allow you access to the Stramit software. Should your personal information change or you wish to stop using the Stramit software, please send an email to, and we will update our register of users for Stramit software.