Stramit Softwares

  • Stramit® EX-facta™ Software Version 1.5 - Exclusive for Stramit® products only and suitable for most Windows® operating systems.

Design Software for Exacta® Purlins with Stramit® Bridging.

Easily design for irregular configurations and complex loadings.

Displays nominal section efficiencies within each span.

See critical and over-designed sections at a glance.


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  • Stramit® Condeck HP®  Slab Designer Software Version 3.0  - Now includes Slab Design with Point Loads

Design optimum suspended slabs in minutes using Stramit® Condeck HP® Composite Decking.  


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  • Stramit Patio Spanner  - Quick selection of patio roofing spans

Version 1.1 suitable for most Windows® operating systems.

This software has been prepared specifically and exclusively for the design of patio roofing using these Stramit® roofing profiles: Sunset®, Monoclad®, Longspan®, Speed Deck Ultra® and Corrugated.


Please contact your nearest Stramit Branch for a CD of the Stramit® EX-facta™ Software and/or Stramit® Condeck HP® Slab Designer Software and/or Stramit Patio Spanner™.