Environment & Sustainability

When we talk of sustainability we mean maintaining the long term viability of our businesses by minimising our impacts on the natural environment. We believe that our operations, products and services should have a positive impact on the environment and that the environment is a key consideration in everything we do.

Stramit advances sustainability by:

  • Ensuring our products and services lead to better environmental efficiency in our customers' buildings and infrastructure
  • Eliminating or minimising waste from our products, services and workplaces
  • Finding and implementing economic energy-efficient solutions for our businesses

A range of strategies support our sustainability commitment, including the use of recycled materials wherever possible, the use of renewable energy and the introduction of new technologies to our industrial processes. We are also achieving greater energy efficiency through plant and equipment improvements.

Our parent company, Fletcher Building,  has an Environmental, Health and Safety Council chaired by FB CEO Ross Taylor. This has been formed to provide direction and coordination to our continuing efforts to reduce our environmental footprint and to improve communications and effectiveness on these issues.